The Destiny of Miro
Julie Rae Rickard
"Julie Rae Rickard takes you on an enlightening metaphysical
adventure in 'The Destiny of Miro.' Enjoy the ride."
Dick Sutphen author of "You Were Born Again To Be Together"

"Miro's journey is warm-hearted and fast-paced, tinged with sadness but
ultimately, quite spiritual and deeply moving. This is a beautiful allegory
for anyone struggling to find their own path through difficult times."
Mike Richman, Magical Blend Magazine

"The adventures faced by the growing Miro, a very real and simpatico hero,
in company of other well-portrayed characters,
will keep you glued to the book."
June Rouse, The Monthly Aspectarian

"Much more enlightening than the 'Celestine Prophecy'. If you are looking
for a new age novel with true insights, try 'The Destiny of Miro'"
Dawn Robinson

"'Destiny of Miro'" is truly a masterpiece of fiction . . . You cannot finish
'Destiny of Miro' without questioning your own life and profiting from the
story's enlightened, indeed provocative examination of spirituality and our
relationship to God in a confusing, materialistic world."
Russell Spencer, Waterbury, CT

"A story of courage of the human spirit and the connection of
nature and love in all our lives." Teresa Stodart, Olanta, PA

"You cannot escape your destiny!"

"The Destiny of Miro" is the story of one man's spiritual search. It begins when Miro's
father, answering what he feels is a request from God, kills his family. Only eight-year-old
Miro escapes. As the man dies, he curses his boy, shouting, "you cannot escape your
destiny!" Miro turns and runs from his father but is forever haunted by this tragic phrase.

Aided by a mysterious "white lady" and an animal guide, Miro's thirty year journey to find
his true destiny takes him on a cross country tour of medieval England. Along the way he learns
to love all God's creatures; develops his own psychic powers; finds and loses his soul mate; and
finally learns only he is responsible for his happiness.
"The Destiny of Miro" was selected as Second Runner-Up for a 2001 Visionary Award from the
Coalition of Visionary Retailers.
Sophia Publishing recently purchased the rights to publish "The Destiny of
Miro" in Russian. The Russian version should be released in 2004.

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The Destiny of Miro
2000, Julie Rae Rickard